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Flooring Installation: What to Expect on Your Next Project

We hope that the following 6 steps will prepare you before, during and after your flooring project! Education on our process always helps manage expectations and creates a smoother experience for all involved.

Flooring Selection


Selecting your products

To get a rough estimate of materials needed for your floor project, measure the length and width of the room and multiply these numbers to find the square footage of the room. When beginning to shop products it is always best to visit the showroom where are specialists can assist you with the best options. We carry all the latest styles and trends, so you can select and bring home samples to really see how your floor will look in your space. 


Set up the in-home appointment 

An Iskalis Specialist will visit your home and take detailed measures of the space and assess your flooring installation needs. A checklist of questions will be reviewed and any concerns will be addressed.

In Home Measure and Consultation
The Flooring Estimate


The project estimate

Your Iskalis specialist will educate you on how to understand the product and labor costs along with financing options. He will also review insurance,  warranties and clean up. Be sure to ask how long the installation will take so you can prepare ahead of time.


Preparing for the installation

The Iskalis team is always available for guidance on how to prepare the space for the installation day along with what to expect including time frames and the unexpected. Please review our  Pre-Installation Checklist to learn how to prepare for your specific type of flooring!

Preparing for flooring install
Customer After the Installation


After the installation

The Iskalis team will clean up and review manufacturer care and maintenance of your new installation. We recommend (per manufacturers) professional carpet cleaning with in the first 15-18 months. Always maintain your receipts in case a claim does arise. This is a great time to ask any questions and go over our satisfaction survey.


Unlike Big Box stores

You will see the major differences of being an Iskalis customer and how as a family owned business, we are here for you for the duration of your project. We want our business to provide our customers with the best experience possible. It is our hope to empower you to reach out with questions or any challenges may come up along the way. As part of our Customer Care Commitment, we are always available for your valuable feedback. 

Big Box Store
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